A Ferret Hitman and a Recipe for Success

My all-time favorite Super Bowl commercials are the old-school Budweiser series (shocking, I know). This particular ad series involved frogs, ferrets, and lizards, and it was a recipe for success. But I guarantee you no one walked into a creative brainstorm meeting and said, “I’VE GOT IT – A FERRET HITMAN! That’s the Super Bowl advertising sweet spot!”

I won’t pretend to know how this commercial came about – the creative process is a strange, emotional whirlwind – but I think it hit right on the mark. And few Super Bowl commercials since then have come close. In general, rolling out an ad series is a bit dicey. You never want to risk losing (or worse, annoying) your viewers because they might have missed something important.

Stepping out of the mind of an ad-professional, and into the mind of a Super Bowl ad-viewer, here are some tips (because you’ll never get those 30 seconds back…):

  • Don’t try too hard. We can tell.
  • Don’t be too “weird” – take a page out of Publix’s playbook. The soft stuff resonates.
  • Keep your clothes on. The “sex sells” mentality is getting old.
  • Be bold. (In this case, bold means new and different…but still classy.)
  • Sometimes simple is the way to our hearts.
  • Most importantly, understand that we are all judging you.

You’re welcome.


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